Friday, May 17, 2013

You've got the Visa

Celebrating this morning for the news about getting Ava's Visa and you have flight plans home!
So thankful for only a short delay home and that you were able to stay together as a family.

Praying more prayers of thanks and celebration.
Praying for the journey home to go smoothly--specifically for the process checking in and arriving back in US .
Praying for a relaxing and restful flight from China to US.
Praying for comfort and calm for each of you, but especially Ava, on flight.
Praying for your transition home.
Continuing to pray for Ava's language development and your communication with her.

So excited for you to be home.
So thankful for your open and warm hearts .
Blessed to be your friend.

Praying for travel mercies for your trip home!

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