Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final days in China

As you are winding down your time in China, I pray;
-you'll continue to cherish your time there, even though you're anxious to get home
-the medical check for Ava went well and she is okay
-the consulate (or whoever it is) is able to process your paper work so you have a timely departure
-for the people that help make your itinerary go as planned, that they are focused, friendly and help make your trip home as planned
-for Ava to become more trusting that you will be back, for her to "just  know" that your her family and you are taking her home
Continuing to pray for bonding among all of you
Praying for your travels and days ahead transitioning from hotel living to life at home
Thankful for faithfulness and seeing Gods hand in all that is happening.
May blessings continue to be abundant!

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