Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another step closer to home

Just read your email about your Consulsate appointment, ehich is awesome news and I'm sure s huge relief.  So this morning I pray;
A prayer of thanksgiving for Gods hand continuing to be in this journey.
Thankful answered prayer....that was answered the way we were praying, not some other plan
Thankful for your family
Thankful for Ava's sweet voice(so fun watching the video)
Asking God to continue guiding this journey
For Ava's Visa to be completed in a timely manner
For your flights to be scheduled and to go smoothly.
Praying for bonding and trust to continue to build for Ava with her family
Praying for rest and relaxation as a family during your final days in China
Praying  for Ava as she transitions to a new country and culture, for language development and communication .

Asking God to continue to bless your family!

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