Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family Time

So thankful to see pictures on your blog.
Ava is precious!

Praying for your family of four.
Praying that Ava and Liz will continue to bond. That there will be some very special mommy-daughter moments during this week that will strengthen the connection. That Ava will sense the love of her mommies heart and that its been there  for her for a long time.
Praying for Ava to see the very kind and loving heart of her daddy. That they will also have very special moments singing and being silly that will connect them forever--- and that make that "not so sure of the guys look " go away( smart girl checking those guys out carefully--:  )
Praying for Luke and Ava to have special moments as brother and sister in her homeland that will be remembered and bond them together. Lord let them pray to you and see and understand how much they are each loved, not only by their earthly parents, but you, their Heavenly Father. Let them laugh and play and enjoy each others company.
Lord, thank you for this special family! Thank you for their faithfulness. Thank you for their willingness to hear your call and follow it.
Bless them, keep them safe and provide for them what they need.

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