Friday, May 17, 2013

You've got the Visa

Celebrating this morning for the news about getting Ava's Visa and you have flight plans home!
So thankful for only a short delay home and that you were able to stay together as a family.

Praying more prayers of thanks and celebration.
Praying for the journey home to go smoothly--specifically for the process checking in and arriving back in US .
Praying for a relaxing and restful flight from China to US.
Praying for comfort and calm for each of you, but especially Ava, on flight.
Praying for your transition home.
Continuing to pray for Ava's language development and your communication with her.

So excited for you to be home.
So thankful for your open and warm hearts .
Blessed to be your friend.

Praying for travel mercies for your trip home!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another step closer to home

Just read your email about your Consulsate appointment, ehich is awesome news and I'm sure s huge relief.  So this morning I pray;
A prayer of thanksgiving for Gods hand continuing to be in this journey.
Thankful answered prayer....that was answered the way we were praying, not some other plan
Thankful for your family
Thankful for Ava's sweet voice(so fun watching the video)
Asking God to continue guiding this journey
For Ava's Visa to be completed in a timely manner
For your flights to be scheduled and to go smoothly.
Praying for bonding and trust to continue to build for Ava with her family
Praying for rest and relaxation as a family during your final days in China
Praying  for Ava as she transitions to a new country and culture, for language development and communication .

Asking God to continue to bless your family!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final days in China

As you are winding down your time in China, I pray;
-you'll continue to cherish your time there, even though you're anxious to get home
-the medical check for Ava went well and she is okay
-the consulate (or whoever it is) is able to process your paper work so you have a timely departure
-for the people that help make your itinerary go as planned, that they are focused, friendly and help make your trip home as planned
-for Ava to become more trusting that you will be back, for her to "just  know" that your her family and you are taking her home
Continuing to pray for bonding among all of you
Praying for your travels and days ahead transitioning from hotel living to life at home
Thankful for faithfulness and seeing Gods hand in all that is happening.
May blessings continue to be abundant!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

When you wake up tomorrow, it will be your first Mother's Day with TWO blessings to be thankful for!

So thankful for technology to help share back and forth. Thankful for all the smiles in the pictures. Thankful that Ava's heart is warming up to Jake. Thankful for all the bonding that has already occurred in only one week's time. Praying for a smooth process with all the paperwork and Ava's medical check. As the time draws closer for traveling back home, praying that Ava accepts Daddy to help make travels easier on everyone.

Enjoy every moment of the rest of your time there. We're anxious to have you home, but we know this is a special time that can never be reclaimed.


Thankful for your time in Ava's city/area
Thankful you were able to get passport
Praying you had safe travels to your next city
Praying your transition staying in another new place for Ava and each of you goes well
Praying for Ava's medical check.
Praying you all continue to bond.
Praying for Jake and Ava
Praying for Ava as she learns a new language and culture
Praying for all the paperwork and processes that need to occur to go as scheduled
Simply praying you've had a good day today.

And....praying for Liz to have a very blessed Mother Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prayer list

My prayer for your family tonight is:
    ~for your safety
   ~for your health
    ~to continue to bond
    ~for your family to cherish this time that is uninterrupted from the day to day tasks of home
    ~for the people preparing the paperwork, etc that you will be getting/need
    ~ to thank God for your friendship
   ~ for communication and understanding
   ~ for blessings to surround you

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Family of Four

Got a FaceTime call from China tonight! So good to see everyone, including little miss Ava!